Next Stop, The Last Blockbuster

Some people jet set to warm sands, crystal clear waters, & lounge poolside for their March breaks. Us? We venture off in search of the last Blockbuster. 2 parents, 3 teenagers, and 1 RV through partially wintery west coast USA. What could go wrong?

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The Journey Within

There was something about the past 14 days that left us feeling like we were starting over. We felt stronger - invigorated; like we could accomplish anything.

Not Anywhere, USA

It was a short jaunt back to the airport in Canada, and a 4-hour flight back home ahead, but my conversation with Buljinder made it go by really fast.

Snoqualmie Pass

This was it. The day I had been dreading since day two. Making our way back across Mt. Hood. This was the northern part. Apparently it was the easiest mountain highway. I would believe it when I seen it for myself.

Deadman’s Pass

Deadman's Pass | This was the longest day of RV travel we had left before our final overnight stop, but with all of the worry focused on crossing the northern end of Mt. Hood, we had not given any respect for what stood in our path on this day.

Leaving Las Vegas

Although we hardly touched on seeing all the sites of Vegas, our flight leaves in a few days and there are over 20 hours to travel to make it on time. It was the longest of our travel days, on not the greatest sleep.

Hot Springs Blue Skies

We were sad to bid adieu to Hollywood, but there was also a lot of anticipation in the air at the thought of finally seeing Palm Springs. No more rain and blue skies was what was in store.

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