Maybe it’s K.I.S.S?

Shaking the Tree _ website banner

This is the banner for my old website. That’s my photograph. I’m also an artist. Well, I’ve been drawing since a kid and still enjoy graphic creativity. Does that make me an artist?

I do love art but around grade 7 I think, a love for writing started to supersede my addiction for drawing.

Still, art was always there. Even within my first 100 page, doubled-sided fullscap novella, there were drawings.

If you search the Wayyback Machine, you’ll find some of that graphic creativity woven throughout my old blog from the thought process behind the name, to drawings, photographs, slideshows, etc.

Yesterday I decided I needed a personal blog again. It took me all of 30 minutes to put a title, tagline, a url, and an About Me together.

I decided I was going to keep it simple. Maybe that was the key to the lifelong dream of being a paid writer. Stick to one thing.

So I’m just writing.

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