Well then do it.

IMG_20190729_1342404I’ve dreamt of inspiring for as long as I can remember. I believe this is because of the teachers, coaches, and role models who have inspired me throughout my life. I’m sure it’s also the way art has captured my heartstrings since a youth.

I know that inspiring others is a lifelong feat and not something someone feels about you because of one thing that you do.

My ‘inspiring’ priorities have changed over the years, coming full circle as a father and new husband wanting to inspire my family most of all for how I play my role as a dad, step-dad, and partner. If I can get this right, the rest of life will fall into place.

When I imagine my last days, looking up at my wife, my kids, and maybe some grandchildren, being adored by them is what I dream of most. That is the true definition of a life inspired to me.

I still dream of inspiring others through my art. Aside from the therapy of writing, I’d be full of pucky if I said I still don’t aspire to publish a book, article, children’s book, or plenty.

I have so many dreams. Of running my own business that is tied closely with the community. Maybe playing music a little more often once again as a great source of therapy and the thrill of playing for others – especially my fan girl and my kiddos.

A friend once said to me as we sat to dinner – the last time we made time for such chatter, when I talked about wanting to inspire others, ‘Well then do it.’ She said this so matter-of-factly. As if it was that easy.

Those words have stuck with me.

Basically, stop talking about it and start doing – and I have. I may not be a published novelist yet but since that moment I have worked towards this goal.

I’ve tried many things, walked many paths, met countless new people, and am not sorry for the way I have gotten to where I am today because it’s brought a new wife and an amazing step-daughter into our lives not to mention the community that I am surrounded by.

I have let fear and lack of self-confidence into my life all too often though. Much less perhaps since those famous-to-me words were spoken, but still enough that my work life has been stale for far too many years.

‘I have the talent to do anything I want.’ Those are my new famous-to-me words of encouragement to myself.

Sure it’t not easy to quit a well-paying job when you have a young family, a house, and bills but it’s time now to work on a new career that allows me even more freedom to enjoy time with my wife and children, because I am missing them right now and I’ve felt that feeling for far too long.

‘I have the talent to do anything I want.’

Where is the chalkboard.

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