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How many ideas, creations, or imaginings out there in the wide, wide world have never been shared with anyone? How many dreamers will go a lifetime with great thoughts either not being released into the wind, or released but never found?

How many songs have you heard, stories have you read, drawings have you seen, or ideas shared that you felt should be seen or heard or read by the world?

As of July 2019, there are 7.7 billion people on this earth. In 2018, 48 out of 100 inhabitants of the earth were internet users or just under half the words population is online in some fashion. That’s approximately 3.7 billion surfers.

Are you 1 in 3.7 Billion Internet Users?

Now here we are with an idea. A vision. A work of art. 1 dot among 3.7 billion. Intimidating. Or, you can think of it as 3.7 billion chances for your thing to be seen or heard.

larger than lifeAs I ponder what my ‘thing’ is, I look into my own community at thoughts and dreams and art scrolling across my screen. One idea in particular that inspired this post was from a businessman, advocate, creative and somewhat of a local legend, Chris Farias.

Chris is the CEO of a local company that does branding, website design, and campaigns. Oh,  and they also started a fund called the Unicorn Fund which benefits LGBTQ2S+ kids and their families.

Unicorn Rebellion Logo

Among Chris’ many other talents from event MC to graphic artist, Ladybird Fancypants as he also refers to himself, also hosts Drag Queen Story Time. Recently, he posted on his Facebook and Twitter that he felt CBC should pick this idea up and run it during their kids programming not unlike Mr. Rogers, The Polka Dot Door, or Mr. Dressup.  I’ll add Euphegenia Doubtfire, dear.

Last I checked, there were 105 likes and 34 retweets on Twitter. To me and many others, it’s brilliant! It’s needed. It’s valuable. It’s funny and it’s original. Make it your own.

I hope CBC or even TVO for us local Ontarian’s who grew up loving their youth programming, picks this idea up. Chris also did submit the idea to CBC after someone from the Canadian broadcaster sent Chris a link to the concept submissions application after reading his tweet. The power of the internet. You never know who is watching.

Chris is larger than life and so is this idea. My family and I are looking forward to many years of Drag Queen Story Time. We even joked that maybe he’d suggest doing a live taping at our annual Halloween event for kids from separated families, families in conflict, families where a parent’s work schedule interferes with Halloween, or those kids or big kids at heart who cannot get enough of Halloween.

Drag Queen Story Time. If it sounds pretty awesome to you, give the tweet above a ‘Heck ya’ when you re-share it. Those are the little things you can do to help another’s dreams become a reality.

You’ve got a dream. Are you 1 in 3.7 billion or are you thinking about the 3.7 billion who may be that opportunity for that vision to be realized?

Be humble, but also be larger than life.

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