Mastering the art of …

bon appetit

Penguin. Scholastics. Harper Collins, or while on the subject, Little Brown and Company.

Are they watching? How do they find us? Who among the 3.7 billion is our target audience? Who are the influencers and how do we reach them?

Hello? Are you even listening? Is this thing on?

If you use Twitter at all with any frequency, you’ve been friended by many who promise to grow your followers in large increments. Of all the Twitter accounts that I have managed over the years, I have found that there is something to be said about slowly building your audience and seeing those followers come in one by one. Who are they? Business? Bot? Are they a real person? Where are they from?

According to Hosting Tribunal, there are over 500 million blogs in the webisphere. That means that with some 1.6 billion web pages, a quarter of them are blogs. And these stats don’t include Blogger because they don’t release their data.

1 out of 500 million. Meh. So you’re saying there is a chance.

If you are looking to grow my followers – whether it be Twitter, WordPress, or otherwise, let’s keep it organic shall we?

As a little side note before we continue, did you know that many consider Justin Hall to be the pioneer of blogging. is his online journal and his entries date all the way back to 1994. It’s still active 25 years later. That is some dedication.

If we are going to use Julie Powell as our muse, how did her story begin? Well, as it turns out, she didn’t even know what a blog was for one and two, it was her husband Eric’s idea that she blog after she mused about making her way through all of the recipes in Julia Child’s book ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’, which she had stolen from her mother on a recent visit.

Julie’s idea stemmed both from not wanting to consider herself a secretary pushing 30, and her husband stating that she should go to culinary school after a delicious dinner she had just cooked for him. One thing lead to another, which eventually brought us to this point where I – like millions more I am sure, now look to Julie and Julia as an inspiration to find that idea, blog about it, and set sail in search of that title ‘writer’ with nothing more than the scorching sun, and a soccer ball named Wilson to keep me sane.

I have been published in the local newspaper a handful of times, had my stories included on blogs like and I also self-published a few stories on Smashwords which is a nice way to get yourself out there with your work being shared on various platforms from Barnes & Noble to iTunes.

I am pretty sure it’s safe to say you don’t have to worry about another cooking blog. Although I don’t completely suck and I was taught well by my mom – and growing up in a day where we still had home economics, woodworking, and other useful subjects in middle school. How to get around the kitchen, do the laundry, sew, iron, and other household tasks, I am not sure making my way through Cooking for Dummies (apparently it’s Cooking Basics for Dummies), is what audiences are looking for. Although that could be funny. Imagines himself dressed like Euphegenia Doubtfire putting out my fake breasts with pot lids.

So here we go. Grammatical errors and all. I did talk about taking writing courses but I started out with the creative offerings. By the time I was ready for the more technical classes, you know, like grammar, the program was cancelled. I wrote to the head of the program and advocated for its return. He responded that he was not a writer nor did he read much.

I think we are getting close. Definitely warmer. I believe we’ve at least made it to that point into the ocean where the waves no longer push you back to shore.

Here goes.


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