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More on the next steps for our family blog soon but for now, I thought I would share a quick sample blog post I put together for some instructions I have been writing to help the kids and my wife navigate WordPress. I had a little fun with it. 

wordpress manual snapshot
Snippet from our WordPress manual

Scott Park Marlins Logo


While I was putting instructions together, I thought I would gear them to a wider audience. Have a read if you have any interest of learning about WordPress and/or blogging, and let me know what you think. So much for keeping it simple but what would any project of mine be without it being long-winded and overthought?

Hoping for the rain to stop so we can enjoy our last regular season baseball game. The team I coach is the Marlins and the kiddos are between 10-13 years of age and this year all 3 of my girls are finally all on the same team again. I adapted the logo for the printouts I make and hand out to the kids/parents to match our jersey’s. I’m guessing the team colors were chosen back when the old logo was in use.

Rain rain, go away ….

Sample blog post:

I’m Herald

Hello blogosphere. I’m herald. I like cats, Roblox, and ice cream. Did I mention I like ice cream? Oh ya. I did. Good. I really like ice cream.

I live on the Danforth above an ice cream shop. I love to ride my bike – especially to this little ice cream shop across town in Greektown. They have more choices including bubble gum. Yum. I also like playing road hockey with my friends.

I have a little sister who kind of smells but she’s okay. She will play dinky cars with me but she insists on bringing her Barbies. I insist on running them over. We fight. We make up. We play more cars. She stomps on them with her Barbies like Elsa-zilla. We fight. We make up.

That’s about it.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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