Happy Birthday, Abigail. Love Daddy xoxo

So tomorrow is my youngest daughters birthday. 11 years young. Actually, today is her birthday party where I finally get to give her the tickets my wife and I bought for her months ago. It’s been driving me bonkers!

I took some time this week to make her a keepsake since tickets themselves aren’t the same memento as the scrapbook full of tickets in my closet that houses stubs to see say the Junos, Rush, Edenfest, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Healey, Sass Jordan, The Tragically Hip, etc.

I am pretty stoked to be taking Abby to her first concert. My cousin/brother/best man took me to see my first concert at the age of 13 on February 28, 1986 at then named Copps Coliseum here in Hamilton. It was Rush’s Power Windows tour. I called it the ‘whats that smell tour.’ There were two first experiences that night.

I was hooked on live concerts from that point on and even more a Rush fan than I already was; if that’s even possible? That love and appreciation for both Rush and music still exists today.

I cannot wait to enjoy this experience with her.

I looked at recent set lists and put this together as an insert in the CD I burned and cover I designed.

Shortly after this morning post, you will see an already scheduled blog debut from Abby. I know you’ll enjoy her witty humor and silliness. She recently told me she wanted to be a writer which surprised me because I don’t see her writing as much as Emma. I do see her reading all of the time though. She also said in passing earlier in the year she wanted to play hockey so I signed her right up. She was like ‘wha?’ Now she’s blogging too. ‘Ummm….okay.’ I think Abby might start being careful what she wishes for.

For me, life is about trying new things, meeting new people, staying active, and doing things that give your nerves a jolt. You never know unless you try and that’s something I want to instill in them.

Abby may hate hockey or love it like her dad. Either way we’ll have some fun at least appreciating the game together and at my old stomping grounds to boot. Is it okay if she doesn’t know how to stop? Watch out for that …. ah, ah, ahhhh-A-ahhhh ….. nettttt.

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