The Next Chapter / Mid-life Crisis?

I am pretty sure I am going to kick the bucket when I am 86 years old. My plan has always been to do all the things I would never do in life when I am 86- hard drugs, rob a bank, drive off a cliff Thelma and Louise style, etc. I will wear a purple hat, gamble my old age pension cheques, and drink as much wine as I can.

86 feels like a lifetime away, and it kind of is, but looking at that number made me realize that I am literally at the half way point. Wait, what!?

The first 43 years of my life were really, really good, with only a few pitfalls and not-so-great moments, they really were pretty wonderful. In this time I have spent 20 years or so with the most amazing family a kid could ever imagine. My early years were filled with family road trips, movie nights, family dinners, family parties, and more love than I probably deserved. Incredible parents and a brother who makes me both think and laugh.

The next 20 years saw me become a university grad, a restaurant manager, an employment counsellor, a manager of a pretty awesome not-for-profit organization, a momma bear, a step-momma bear, an aunt, a Halloween event planner, and most recently a wife to the best man I could imagine. I don’t think I could have dreamed of a more perfect life. Being in these roles has made me who I am and have defined who I want to be.

But what’s next? After spending a good year planning the most perfect wedding and kids who are becoming increasingly more independent, I am left thinking about what I want to do next. I am not someone who has a bucket list of things ready to tackle, I would say I am more of a “see where life goes” kind of person, but this has left me a tad lost.

I don’t know what to do next.

Should I train to run a marathon? Should I figure out how to start a business? Should I learn a new skill? Start a new career? Take on an extra job to pay off debt? Paint the house?

I know I am going to help Larry realize his dreams, and I am super-excited to do that. His dreams are beautiful, achievable, community-driven, and inspiring and I am proud to stand by his side and support him.

Until he is ready though, what is my next move?

Larry said this blog will help us to get to know ourselves and each other better, and perhaps you, dear audience, will tag along as I figure out the next 43 years. At least until I become a bank-robbing drug addict in a purple hat.

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