The Art of Running Barefoot on the Pavement in the Sun



It was a crazy Friday and Saturday finishing the planning, cleaning, and then hosting of a small family birthday party for our now 11 year old. She loved all of her presents and it seems is officially wiped today as she relaxes in her room.

Saturday night there was a bit of drama on our street which seen six police cruises show up with nobody taken away.  Sunday morning Tara and I ran down the street, me in my pj’s and bare feet, to make sure crash victims at our street corner were okay (which they were), and then we saw a guy being what seemed calmly, arrested on Ottawa Street as we checked out the film set of The Umbrella Academy. They weren’t filming but I had been wanting to show the girls the set. I am in awe; which I will write about in my next post. A little drama but it’s still a great neighborhood. All of that is very rare from the 13 years I have lived in this home. Except the filming part. That seems to just keep growing in Hamilton.

The remainder of Sunday was spent in our back yard in progress, with a little swimming and music and mostly down time until picking up a friend of ours who wanted us to see The Art of Racing in the Rain. I had never heard of it but she asked if our family would join her as she felt it was just the type of movie she needed right now. It was a remarkable tear jerker that left our onion-eyes exposed when the lights turned on.

Monday was back to work for Tara and I and a quiet day for Emma and Abby with Hayleigh away for a few days visiting her grandparents. In the evening as we enjoyed one of many meals we’ve sat outside for this summer, Abby and I played a little cards (31), while Emma continued her back story of Harry Potter research.  The girls all enjoy Harry Potter which I think is great. It’s creative, imaginative, and fun for even their 46 year old dad. Tara isn’t overly into the series but she’s convincible with a smile not unlike Flower in Bambi. Awww shucks.  She is smitten with all of us, as are we with her.

It was fun reading the girls first posts and showing them a few things. I have so many thoughts surrounding what we can learn together both within the technical and creative aspects of this project.

I have given all three girls an assignment (Hayleigh by way of this post), which I will outline below. I have partaken in the assignment myself within this text as well to give them a starting point for their homework. You don’t have to be wordy though girls.

Assignment #1 – August 13th

  1. Read all posts up to the date the assignment was issued, and write a sentence or more about each of your families members that best describes what you learned about us in our posts, or what character trait about us came out strong in our writing – or both. ie. (for example) I didn’t realize Herald liked ice cream that much, or Herald’s humour came out in his post through his love for ice cream and the fact he slid that topic into his posts many times.
  2. What is at least one thing that through reading all of these posts, has inspired you to write about something in your blog? ie. Herald talked about playing dinky cars with his sister which made me want to talk about Harry Potter role play, or Heralds love for ice cream made me want to write more often about my love for all different kinds of noodles.
  3. Now that you have read all of our posts, what are some of the things you think you might write about in your upcoming posts? ie. your love for ice cream, your dinky car adventures,  your daily street hockey matches.

Larry’s Answers:

1. For Emma, her love for writing certainly comes out strong with two posts in the first couple of days including the last one ready with a picture in WordPress before I had even started editing Hayleigh’s first post. Most of all, her passion to help those who struggle in various ways including special needs children, is present right out of the gate.

It is obvious that Hayleigh has a love of music to anyone that knows her as it’s rare that she doesn’t have her headphones on, but I hadn’t heard of Troye Sivan before reading her post. Hayleigh is going to be a strong fighter for the LGTBQ+ community and has already organized a pride day at her school where one wasn’t initially planned.

Abigail is a funny girl which comes out immediately in her post. I also love her big questions like the one in her first blog entry, ‘What is normal?’ It doesn’t even need an answer. So true, Abigail. It really ties in well with what Emma and Hayleigh touched on. It’s great to see Abby writing about baseball as she was pretty nervous about playing this year because she didn’t know the new rules as she moved up a division. She is always thinking 20 steps ahead which is good too but we’ve been working on being in the now and she’s rocking it.

Tara shows early on that she was made for blogging. She is brilliant, funny, hard-working, sweet, kind, never shy of words (yack, yack, yack …. are you still talking), and can accomplish anything. Maybe that doesn’t all come out in her first two posts but that is her. What does comes out most is her passion and devotion to always supporting all of us in anything we do or dream of doing, the best she can and with everything within. We’d do the same for her so hopefully through this project and through our everyday lives together as a family, we can all play a part in making the other’s dreams come true.

IMPORTANT: If you are reading this when she is 86, I’ll state now that I didn’t assist in her dream to rob banks, do explicit drugs, and all while wearing a purple hat. I mean she is obviously trying to get a caught.

2. Everyone showed their love for people whether it was believing in their baseball team, wanting to support the LGTBQ+ community or kids who suffer from mental or physical illness, to being there for our family.  I’m all in for all of that, with a personal passion for Indigenous affairs.

3. I imagine talking about education, teaching, and learning most, with an emphasis on those within the groups mentioned above. Mostly, I imagine working with the girls on developing this site, its content, and broadening it to say Instagram or Flickr or YouTube. I’ve thought a lot in my past about being a teacher so with this type of project, I feel there is a lot I can teach the girls and so much we can all learn together.

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