3 girls, 2 newlyweds, and an 80lb mutt

At the end of every summer when baseball is over, it’s been our blended families tradition to rent a cottage in the Parry Sound region.

With wedding planning and everything else this year has thrown at us, we were too late to book our little paradise so we were left scrambling for an alternative.

I had the bright idea of renting a trailer, since we now had a trailer hitch on our mini-van, to change things up completely this year seeing as though we were already in need of different accommodations.

Tara found a website that enables RV owners to rent their trailers so the search was on for the next best thing after a cottage. We found one we thought was perfect, only to realize the next business day that we made an oops. We have both written extensively about this experience on our social media feeds but bottom line, we were out a fair amount of cash and without 4 walls for the 6 of us because these vacations are also planned with our Finny dog in mind.

After sharing our experience trying to find an RV, our Facebook friends were reaching out with other suggestions, tents we could borrow, and just a few days ago, the offer to borrow a tent trailer so that is what we are now doing. We’re bringing a tent too because well, the girls were looking forward to sleeping in a tent so we’ll have a hybrid of options available.

We’re a lucky family.

So, three girls aged 11-13, 2 newlyweds still winding down from a whirlwind 6 months of wedding planning and a busy summer coaching the kids baseball, and a 1 year old 80lb maniac dog, are all going to try our hand at a different kind of camping. I am very grateful for the tent trailer because well, I was pretty nervous thinking about 5 of us and a dog in a couple of tents for an entire week.

Well, it isn’t the family moon we had hoped for but maybe next year. For now, I’m looking forward to a new adventure to close out the last week of our girls summer vacation.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account for some photos and stories of what I hope isn’t the vacation we laugh at later.

Oh heck. Who am I kidding.

Insert laugh track.

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