The S.S. Finno

Abby’s First Fillet

Tuesday was a bit overcast but overall another beautiful day.

I was at the front office shortly after 9am to rent us a boat for the day and after a little assistance getting the 9.9 horsepower Yamaha engine started, we were off to explore Graham Lake

Except for perhaps the centre of the lakes width, for the most part Graham Lake is very shallow and full of seaweed. We kept as mid lake width as possible throughout our venture, after our innitial destination proved a wee bit shallow for my liking in the e-bike of lake vessels. Let’s give the poor engine that barely could some credit. It was basically hauling 3 adults, 2 kids, and an 80lb pup.

It probably took us a good 45 minutes to trek end to end on what really is a small lake compared to our home away from home the past 4 years, Harris Lake. Especially when you cross the marsh at the outskirts of Harris Lake into the Magnetawan River. Shallow, small, or full of sharks, the view was still stunning and the calm that sets in hitting the open waters, was equally as peaceful. There was one little island and a towering rock cliff that would be my favorite part of the lake if we were to frequent this spot. It was about at the half way point.

The spot we chose was clear cross the lake and not surprising shallow, but it proved almost as active a spot for hungry fishy’s as straight off the dock back at the campground.

Finny was a good little traveler, and a couple of times was picturesque in his not so little anymore, life vest. Back paws on the boats bottom, and front paws on the seat looking out over the bow with the wind throwing back his cute, black little ears.

Tara packed us sandwiches, snacks, and drinks so we didn’t go hungry on our little 4 hour adventure. The fish were biting like crazy and this time, there were a few worth keeping. At least we thought anyway.

Hayleigh chose to just draw and enjoy the view, and Emma quit after about an hour, with Abby in and out until the end with me. I wouldn’t give up because I was losing worms left and right and was certain I had a big, smart one nibbling away. When I did catch one which was becoming few and far between, they were all small so it seemed by the time I finally gave up a couple of hours later, that I was being foiled by some smart, small, but mighty little worm eaters.

It was only mid afternoon by the time we made our way back ashore, and Emma and Abby headed to the fish cleaning station to help me fillet my first fish. I am not sure one would call it fillet but the tools in our tackle box made us look like we knew what we were doing.

The girls and I had watched our late friend Chris fillet a couple of small sunfish last summer in an effort to show us how it was done. He somehow managed to at least make the outcome look like fish. Ours was more fish bits and not much from 3 rather large sunfish.

Emma gave up early. The site of a head being chopped off made her a little queasy. I would be lying if I said I loved it because I love all creatures. Abby was a trooper and helped me with all three.

The camp store didn’t have any seasonings so I fried the bits in butter with crumbled fish crackers. Everyone but Hayleigh who does not like fish, gave it a whirl with Abby devouring most of it. It wasn’t so bad. It could have done without the fish crackers though although maybe probably crushed and actually done properly with flour and eggs, it may have turned out okay.

Needless to say we still had to make dinner but it was a fun adventure and learning experience none the less. Lot’s to learn.

With the anticipation of rain overnight, before we packed in in for the night we made sure the awnings were on an angle, and all chairs and firewood were placed underneath.

Tan line win.

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