Back to school and cosplay

Dear readers,

I know I have not written to you in awhile so I thought I should write to you guys.

First, my week back to school was really fun. I was so excited but now I am not. I am worried and very frustrated. I have so much homework and I cannot concentrate on it, so my friend Kristen and I went to the Principal’s office and sat there and just chilled. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. So for any kids or adults who are still in school, I know your pain. 

Let’s talk about a lighter subject though, shall we? For the Harry Potter fans out there, keep reading. 

So Hayleigh, Abby, and I have been ‘playing’ Harry Potter. I am officially obsessed! I have spent countless days on YouTube watching videos, and on Wish buying cosplay items. We have also started putting together ideas for a Harry Potter cosplay YouTube channel (I will keep you updated on our channel and what it is called so you can check it out).  

I have also thought about what I like as I consider what high school I want to attend. Here in Ontario, there are programs we can take like Art Smart where we can go to a different school for grade 9, or SHSM’s (Specialist High Skills Major), that we can take at different high schools starting in grade 11. 

I like animals, kids, Harry Potter, sleep, music, instruments, and something I have not told very many people, singing. I know that I am not good at it, but it is something that calms me and helps gets my anger out (which I have a lot of). It helps me feel better when I am down. Even if you are not good at it, you should try singing or even just listening to music. The music should be about what you are feeling and not what you want to feel. 

Ok. That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on our YouTube channel and my life. I will talk to you later.

Love you guys.


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