I’m a Bear!

Hey guys.

I am sorry I haven’t been doing a lot of blog posts lately. I meant to post one for Christmas but I forgot to. I have it typed out and ready to go but I didn’t have any time for it to be posted. 

I thought I would update you guys on what is happening. 

Okay so a couple of weeks ago, me and one of my friends auditioned for the Glendale’s Audition-Based Program of the Arts and we both got in. I was so ecstatic!. I am going over to Glendale on the 18th to do my option sheets for the courses I am going to take. I am excited that I will be the second Pattison and the first student from my school to attend the Glendale music program. 

When my mom got the email she immediately called me and I started crying. I was so happy. Me, my mom, and my step dad made a deal that if I got into Glendale (which i did), I would get a new flute since my other one is broken and I cannot use it any more.

Well that is really it. There isn’t really much more to tell you guys. I will keep you all updated and tell you how things go for me.

That is all for now. Keep dreaming and don’t give up. 

This is  Emma Pattison signing off.

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