Flowery Gloves and a Clean Escape

Mar 10, 2023, 10:11 AM PST

The rest of yesterday’s flight was fairly uneventful. I tried my best to do a little sleep sitting up head-bobbing so I wasn’t too tired for the first leg of our RV trip. When I woke, Hayleigh and I came up with a funny movie idea that was inspired by a grandmother in front of us passing a bag of homemade cookies across the isle. I will just say a new movie about a bear, and 80 for Brady, came to mind when developing the plot.

We weren’t at the Abbotsford airport long before the gentleman we rented the RV from showed up to show us the ropes. The video we did of him explaining everything, and a little test tour around the parking lot, took around an hour, and then we were on the road.

I have never been to B.C. before so I and our girls were in awe of the scenery of the surrounding mountains. Tara used to live in Vancouver so it wasn’t new to her but wow.

This entire trip is obviously going to be a lot of breathtaking views, and leading up to and driving through the Seattle area didn’t disappoint. Looking down at the harbour and over at the space needle from the highway, to the housing set into the hills.

After a stop at a Red Robin for the first time for something to eat and stocking up on some food and a few other items from Walmart, we stopped at an RV park just outside of Tacoma in a town called Puyallup, Washington.

Imagine any thru road in small-ish town anywhere, and then picture pulling into a parking lot and down a small hill to find a quaint little space enough for a couple of dozen trailers. It was dark by the time we got there – around 7 PM – but the owner helped us back into a site, showed us where our hookups were.  We were all set in a few minutes, and asleep not long after.

We were back on the road around mid-morning today, after safely emptying out our grey and black matter. Neither Tara or I wore any liquids, so I would say all-in-all, our first overnight was a success. She said I looked cute though, in the flowery dish gloves I picked up for the task.

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