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With the adrenaline of our nostalgic browse of the last Blockbuster fresh in our hearts, we ventured out of beautiful Bend through snow covered and often icy mountain roads, with hands gripped tightly to the forgiving steering wheel of The Happy Glamper. I wonder how happy she was to have this weather through the first days of our adventure together?

With Bend situated at 3600 feet, at least we were already up and most of the early trip was on flat ground without much holy crud out of our windows. I mean, I want my family to witness this beauty but my ticker needed a little less Mt. Hood, and a touch more vast fields of winter cactus. Apparently however, Oregon is more about wow than snore.

As our time in the mountains increases, I do try for the occasional exposure to the stunning views, but for the most part I still have eyes to the ground and hands planted firmly at ten and two.

There were two things to point out as we crossed over into California. One was a border crossing-like stop to see if we were bringing any produce over. Next, was a sign at a gas station that warned that they were the last opportunity to fill up before paying California prices. A few hours later, that would become a gross understatement.

Today was our longest drive and the most exposure to the winter elements which followed us well into California. We also had our first request for a stop along the way, with Weed, California winning the ‘we have to stop here’ cries from the peanut gallery.

Named after Abner Weed, the town boasts a population of just under 3,000, which isn’t evident through the now you see me, now you don’t pass through via Highway 97. The Weed Store at the outskirts of town is full of merchandise capitalizing on its name from t-shirts, to bumper stickers. Apparently, we were also in Bigfoot country and that might have been the coolest T on display.

It was still quite a trek before the snow covered grounds were behind us, but it seemed flat ground for miles and miles and green pastures full of cows went hand in hand. Cows. I really don’t think I have seen so many moo’s along one stretch.

As has become our custom on this trip, we once again arrived at our destination at night, but Midway RV Park in Vacaville, California proved an easy drive through and hook up for the late arrivals.

Midway is a cute little park in the middle of nowhere. Quiet but the distant buzz of trucks on Highway 5, and what sounded like hundreds of frogs as musical entertainment.

With the girls off exploring and getting a wifi fix poolside, I pulled out a lawn chair and finally cracked open my Blockbuster ale – a very tasty dark brew from 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

After a stressful couple of days through snow and ice-covered mountainous peaks, I need not say that we all slept like babes that night on a balmy 8 degree spring night in northern California.

I would highly recommend this stop, which also boasts bathroom, shower, and laundry facilities housed in a couple of old side by side cabooses. The pool wasn’t open this time of year, but it was full of clean, sparkling water so give it another month or so, and a warm dip and perhaps a run through the pretty cool paintball attraction next door, would make Midway RV Park a fun family stopover.

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