Just Wanna See Some Palm Trees

The excitement in the room – aka the dining area of our RV – was through the roof vents. We were going to rent a car and explore Hollywood and surrounding areas. Who might we see? I was hoping for Paul Rudd because well, he covers all of us from Friends fans, I Love You Man (me donning my Rush T), and the Marvel freak among us. Abby wanted to drive 6 hours to stalk Andy Samberg, and Hayleigh was listening for the voice of Jonna Scott.

Our day didn’t start until noon in the rental which wasn’t ideal, but all of this driving around and stress of holy crud hills plays a number on a newly crowned 50 year-old, so there was a lot to cram into a less than 24-hour rental.

We started our travels down Sunset Boulevard, through Beverly Hills, and through Rodeo Drive, before circling back to explore Hollywood  Boulevard and TCL Mann’s Chinese Theatre. This is where we were able to snag some souvenirs for friends and family, but not before a stop for lunch at Jameson’s Irish Pub where we met Jeff.

Jeff is sitting with a friend on the street-facing patio, but makes his way around the table’s to say hi. He states that he has Autism, but that he is very smart. He always wanted to go to Toronto, but mentions a friend Robbie Lackritz that manages (Leslie) Feist. He likes my Rush shirt and had some history to share about their drummer, Neil Pert.

As someone who talks to anyone and everyone anywhere I go, it’s probably no surprise that one of those conversations landed me a movie and a music CD from a couple of local artisans while pushing our way down Boul Hollywood. One minute they are asking your name, and the next they are writing it on their CD and everyone of their friends has a hand out wanting you to support them as well.

The trip up to the Hollywood sign left me thankful that I wasn’t the one driving. I didn’t like the trek up the winding hill one bit. As it turned out, we went from sun to fog and our shots weren’t the greatest anyway. I know when I was here last, I drove up a residential street and found a good spot to pull over and get a good shot. Perhaps it was a tip from my local friend?

From there, we set off to Santa Monica Pier, arriving in the dark but all of the lights of the midway made for a movie-esque experience – minus the drizzle and the cool breeze it brought with it. The girls went on a couple of rides while Tara and I wondered the pier. There were only a few rides open given the less than ideal conditions for such attractions. Light crowds meant no lineup’s though, which gave the girls time to finally dip their tows into the Pacific Ocean waves.

It was back to home base within the half hour, and quickly to bed for everyone except the blogger. Although I wasn’t able to stay up to write for a couple of nights there due to extreme exhaustion, I think I have caught up from the time difference, long drives, sleepless nights, and stress of all of the above.

The Jameson Irish Pub was playing great 90’s videos.

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