Hot Springs Blue Skies

Our next stop wasn’t far, so we weren’t as rushed to get on the road. There was time for showers, a little tidying up, and an ‘anytime before noon’ drop off for the rental car.

While Tara returned the Rogue, I had the RV ready for the road and parked off to the side while we waited for her and Hayleigh to return. I went ahead and checked us out while I was at it, and that is where an hour-long conversation with the park owner, Steve, began.

Tara had already stated from her conversation the day before, what a character he was but as it turns out, he is quite the philanthropist too. From helping the homeless, to the love and care he especially shows his permanent elderly guests, Steve is someone you would enjoy a long conversation with.

The next destination was Palm Springs. Tara had been talking about it almost since we decided that this west coast adventure was how we were going to spend our March break. The drive there was mostly uneventful big scary mountain-wise. The rain continued off and on for a bit, the traffic leaving L.A. was heavy, but it was nothing like the night before where it down poured well into the night.

Palm Springs was the first park that we arrived at during daylight, and also the first with a pool that was open. Those new bathing suits were put to immediate use while Tara and I set up the RV and checked out the camp shop.

Having arrived so early, it also gave us time to relax, play some cards, and we watched National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation. We found a box set with all three of the Chevy Chase/Beverley D’Angelo films at the Bend Blockbuster which seemed fitting for our own version of holiday road.

Although the KOA we stayed at was just outside of Palm Springs, the view from this spot both during the day and at night, is the best we’ve witnessed – clear skies, lot’s of stars, mountains all around us, and without the sounds of airplanes, frogs, or trains whistling by.

The Palm Springs/Joshua Tree KOA is a little piece of desert heaven.

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