Hot Springs, Sunburns, and a Dog Named Ranger

Finally, after days of either traveling or zipping around Los Angeles trying to take in as many sites as possible, this was our first day to just sit poolside, soak in some sun, without a worry in the world. No mountains to climb, no snow, rain, ice, or traffic jams. No stress. Just present in the warm Californian desert, staring at mountains surrounding us in the distance, countless tropical plants to enjoy, and one adorable dog named Ranger.

Ranger is a dark gray schnauzer. His owner, Bill, says Ranger seems to change colours every time they groom him. Now, there is a black patch on his back that makes him look like he has cow spots. Either way, we all fell in love with this handsome feller and wished we could sneak him back home in our carry on’s. He would often sneak under his trailer and come for a visit, and we didn’t mind one bit. It was actually the hardest part of leaving this perfect spot. Perhaps it was a sign of how much we miss our own critters back home. I took every chance I could to sneak a pet, right up until the moment we were pulling out.

Rangers owners were great too; Bill and Leanne. They were from Minnesota and they made a point to come around to say hi. I wish we weren’t so tired because it would have been nice to sit with them to enjoy a fire, staring at the clear starry sky above.

The coolest amenity of this park was the hot springs fed pool and three saunas. Although the nights get quite cold in the desert, this pool was always very warm. The hot tubs were all different temperatures too. Apparently, these springs have healing power. I was certainly rejuvenated after a day going back and forth between the pool and hot tubs.

For this being the first opportunity to swim and enjoy the warm sun this vacation, we all left looking like we had been soaking up the rays all week. At least it was a warm sleep.

This was also the first time I was able to break out the harmonicas, as the sun quickly set behind the mountains. What would a Pattison/Mills vacation be, without sitting together under the stars to a little music. I was hoping we might come across someone sitting around a campfire with an acoustic guitar on this trip, open to me joining them for a little evening jam.

I would have loved another night here, but we had one more sunny stop before starting to make the trek north to close out our western US adventure.

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