The Ballagio, Caesars Palace, and the Miracle Mile

A day along the Las Vegas Strip

With one opportunity to explore the Vegas Strip, we loaded into an Uber and made the 10-minute trip to find excitement. The driver dropped us off at the Bellagio, so of course our first stop was inside to see inside. From the stunning gardens to the architecture, this stop didn’t disappoint. What is neat about American casinos – in Vegas anyway – was that the kids could walk through. Just don’t make a stop at a machine though. That’s a no, no as we found out. They were pleasant about it anyway.

From there, we walked across the street to the Miracle Mile, as the kids had a couple of requests for items. Who knew we would spend most of our day in there because apparently, they don’t want you to find your way out. From Casinos, to shops and special attractions, it’s its own world within that building. Everything about it is designed to make you feel like you are walking through a streetscape from the pathways, to the exteriors of the shops looking like a streetscape in say Paris or any popular shopping district around the world.

I did a bit of sitting while the girls shopped, but it’s not a terrible place to people watch. It’s quite fascinating actually. Everyone is walking around with an alcoholic drink in their hand for one. You see it all over the Vegas strip from inside of buildings, to walking down the street. An Uber driver warned us though that this kind of activity wasn’t allowed if you ventured off the strip.

One cool thing we did on the second go-round of the venture through the Miracle Mile, was stop at a Kiosk to pick out a new pearl to go in the ring I proposed to Tara with back in 2018. The pearl from her ring fell out a long time ago, so this shop performs a sweet little ceremony that almost felt like we had renewed our vows in front of the kiddos.

We did finally make our way out, and stopped at our first ever Margaritaville for lunch, only to end up back in the mall. When we did leave the Miracle Mile again about two hours later, we ventured through Casesar’s Palace which was not only impressive in built design, it takes up a substantial amount of property.

When it was time to leave, we ventured off the strip to find a place for the Uber to pick us up. We ended up at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, where we crossed way too many vehicle lanes underground where hotel guests and ride-sharers alike are dropped off and picked up. I wouldn’t want the job of running in and out of there all day. It’s interesting to navigate by foot, and all the horns give you an idea of the kind of patience required to deal with this organized-chaos day in and day out.

After a nice warm, sunny day along the Vegas strip, we were back at Oasis Las Vegas RV Park before midnight. This was to be our last night in town, but thankfully we were able to book another night. It would just mean a couple of long days driving to get back to Abbotsford in time for our flight home.

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