Olive Garden and New York, New York

The weather was overcast today, but the air was still warmer than most days have been on this vacation. It was supposed to rain by mid afternoon so the plan was to make use of the pool and hot tub until being forced to take cover in The Happy Glamper.

For me, I also wanted to do a couple of loads of laundry so I stayed back long enough to do a wash, and then headed over to join the crew pool side. Emma wasn’t feeling the greatest so she stayed back to relax in the RV.

We basically had the entire pool area to ourselves so it was a quiet outing, but it was definitely some welcome down time.

The rain hit as promised, and Tara came up with the idea to do The Olive Garden for dinner. She had spotted one early in our journey, and was dying to eat there. We use to have them in Canada but it’s been a long time since they left. As it turned out, The Olive Garden is on the Vegas Strip so we took another Uber to the lights and glamour of Vegas.

The food was amazing as Tara and I both remembered. From the bottomless house salad and breadsticks, to my salmon, everything including our wonderful waitress was just perfect.

Tara Spotted New York, New York when we pulled back onto the strip – which I hadn’t heard of, so we decided to go there. It’s all done up like the streets of New York inside with buildings, street signs, and little patios where people were enjoying food and beverages.

Of course, like everywhere else, there was a casino as well but the coolest thing about this spot, was the kids entertainment upstairs. They had a big arcade and a roller coaster on the roof as well. This was the adult’s opportunity to sneak downstairs while the girls played games.

We weren’t in the casino area longer than an hour, and by that time the girls were in line cashing in the tickets they earned from playing games.

Abby wanted to go on the roller coaster but unfortunately, nobody in her family likes heights. I really wanted to but another dad told me he was pretty sore after riding with his daughter, and I didn’t want to be in pain for the long drive through unknown terrain the next day.

The good thing about being back on the strip for one more night, is that I could get some photos. My phone died early the day before meaning I couldn’t get any night shots.

While we were out, the girls mom had texted me that one of their old neighbours had died – leaving her partner to raise their 7 year-old by herself. It hit Abby hard so we decided to stay up and play the card game Hearts to cheer her up. We were up until around midnight – which wasn’t ideal given the day ahead, but it made her happy and we haven’t really had a tonne of game nights along our journey.

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