Not Anywhere, USA

I joked back in Twin Falls, that nowhere we stayed was actually where we said it was.  Hollywood RV Park is actually in Van Nuys, Palm Springs / Joshua Tree KOA Holiday is actually in Desert Hot Springs, Oasis RV Park was just outside of Vegas in Enterprise, Twin Falls KOA was actually in Jerome, Hermiston is technically in Hermiston, but it’s quite a trek outside the downtown, and our final stop, Lynden / Bellingham KOA Journey was at the edges of Lyden’s borders, but far from its town centre.

We were up early of course to ensure we crossed the border safely.  We were only 20 minutes away from the Abbotsford airport in B.C., but we are used to long line-ups at our Niagara Falls borders so we didn’t want to chance being thought The Millers.

We made it to the airport at 8:30 AM sharp, which is when we were to meet the gentleman who rented the RV to us so he could go over everything before we reluctantly returned the vessel from which we made so many lasting memories in over the past 15 days. She kept us safe, helped me get over my fear of heights, and provided plenty of space for the five of us to truly enjoy ourselves among her rolling walls.

We were checked in two hours early, which gave us plenty of time for a nice full breakfast at the airport before boarding our flight.

For the return trip, Abby and I sat next to Baljinder. We chatted for much of the flight about family, animals, and about our cultures. He is from India, and came over during COVID in 2022 to study law. He has a beautiful wife and an adorable baby girl, and he was kind enough to share photos of them and his parents who visited last year. He also had many photos of his wedding to share and it was quite stunning to see the decorations and traditional attire that he and his wife wore on their special day.

What struck me most from my conversation with Baljinder, is when he talked about the importance of family and how similar we are all. It struck me because we hear so much talk about intersectionality these days with a focus on our differences. My conversation with my new friend was in line with my belief that if we focus on our universal joys, our differences are so minuscule. Our needs and wants and values are so closely aligned, regardless of our religion, our country of origin, or the color of our skin.

Baljinder loves dogs, his wife, his baby, his mom and dad, brother and sister and extended family. He loves to share the most important parts of him with others. Our similarities are what create the bond. Our differences, are simply what open our eyes to the vastness of the world beyond the tiny borders of the places we hang our hats each night.

Although what makes us unique forms the remarkable mosaic that multiculturalism paints within our neighbourhoods, our differences should not stand out from the true beauty of what binds us as one people – our joint humanity.

Baljinder and I both enjoyed an in-flight nap before making the descent into Hamilton. He still had a long drive to Windsor ahead, and my sister was outside waiting already to take us home. Before parting, he shared his email address and we wished one another a safe trip home.

It was nice to touch down on home soil, and even greater to be welcomed with utter exhuberance from our dog and eventually – after making sure we knew they were mad at us for leaving – the cats joined in for lot’s of cuddles too.

Never has our bed felt so welcoming.

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