Children of the Rink

A week old Saturday paper sat on my living room chair. It had been a really busy week at work and I just didn't have the chance to sit and read through it. I was about to just toss it into the recycling,  but the image of a young hockey player poised for greatness on... Continue Reading →

Christmas and TWD

Hey guys and gals. I'm back and happy as ever.  As you may not know, I got a new computer for Christmas. We all just finished opening our Christmas presents and are all extremely happy with what we got.  I got, well, my computer. Abby got a new blue drum set, and Hayleigh got concert... Continue Reading →

Icing Anxiety

In the continuing saga of anxiety versus hockey, 5 feet still separates my daughter Abby from the freedom that exists beyond the fire-breathing dragon that towers in the doorway between the arena hallway, and the mystic frozen battleground. No amount of talking, reasoning, advice, our own lived anxiety examples, whether from loved ones, strangers, coaches,... Continue Reading →

Fear is a bully

So Abby is trying hockey. Well, shes been on the ice once and spent 20 minutes on the bench because she didn't know what to do, was sick to her stomach with what I say was fear but she says was some 1 hour super bug the second tryout session, and peered onto the posessed... Continue Reading →

Our Artists – Hayleigh

From Larry (Lare Bear): All of the girls are creative in their own way whether it's drawing, painting, writing, humor, or making things out of odds and ends around the house. I tried to get Hayleigh to write something about these pieces below but she's definitely more of a drawer than a writer. Her words.... Continue Reading →

Today, The World is My Editor

Dear Editor, Santa Claus is a fraudulent myth rooted in unconscious fantasies ... wait a minute. Wrong editor.What does a cable guy, part-time blogger, and occasional contributor to local community papers, or rarely published opinion writer for the local main stream paper, have to say about Gurinder Chadha's Blinded by the Light that hasn't already been said within a thousand... Continue Reading →

One Last Chance to Make it Real

By Larry PattisonWord Count: (last count 2,280)  Scene from ‘Blinded by the Light’. I knew it would touch me. I didn’t know that there would be a constant tear on my cheek throughout and that explaining the crowd of emotions would send me searching my seemingly suppressed past like the reaction to the trigger being... Continue Reading →

The Community That Becomes Of Us

Kids having a blast at our annual fun day event Have you ever heard of the KraftHeinz Project Play contest? In its 11th year, they look to create a better future for communities by helping build better places to play across Canada. The yearly contest awards $250K to one winner, with KraftHeinz Project Play having... Continue Reading →

The S.S. Finno

Abby's First Fillet Tuesday was a bit overcast but overall another beautiful day. I was at the front office shortly after 9am to rent us a boat for the day and after a little assistance getting the 9.9 horsepower Yamaha engine started, we were off to explore Graham Lake Except for perhaps the centre of... Continue Reading →

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