Fear is a bully

So Abby is trying hockey. Well, shes been on the ice once and spent 20 minutes on the bench because she didn't know what to do, was sick to her stomach with what I say was fear but she says was some 1 hour super bug the second tryout session, and peered onto the posessed... Continue Reading →

Friends of the striped kind

Monday really was a perfect day. The nights have been clear here in this eastern Ontario paradise with no less than millions of stars poking through the trees.The days, well they've been equally as clear and where the night skies have been almost blue-black, the waking hours have been the purest of blue with not... Continue Reading →

A 9 hour tour

Baby stuffed shark do do do doo do do Its 6:30. The girls are off venturing. We just had steak, baked potatoes, caesar salad, and discussed periods; and not Baroque. Finny is chasing little bugs that are driving him bonkers. Tara's gone to the nicest park loo's I've ever seen. I'm just sitting here watching... Continue Reading →

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