Me. Sort of. I justified the creativity by keeping the entire process under 5 min.

My name is Larry. Nice to meet you.

It’s been awhile since I have had a personal blog. I own many URL’s and have a few sites I manage on a more professional level, but nothing that is just me. Larry. Dad. Son. Husband. Brother. Friend. Dog, cat, and gecko owner.

I deleted my blog that was some 10 years in the making one night in a depressed state. I miss just blogging about life.

So, here I am. Just Larry. Not Lawrence. Thomas. Junior. Lawrence Thomas. Not an elected official. Not a budding entrepreneur. Not a guy trying to save a stadium. Just me.

I am the dad. The Lare-Bear. The husband. The wanna be writer but most of all, the wanna be good dad and husband.

I hope you enjoy our adventure in family blogging.

You can reach out to me through email here.

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