Mastering the art of …

Penguin. Scholastics. Harper Collins, or while on the subject, Little Brown and Company. Are they watching? How do they find us? Who among the 3.7 billion is our target audience? Who are the influencers and how do we reach them? Hello? Are you even listening? Is this thing on? If you use Twitter at all... Continue Reading →

Make it your own

"Few bloggers will come close to Powell’s success, say blog experts, especially considering there are 133 million blogs afloat on the Web, according to blog search engine Technorati, which has kept track since 2002." ~ from Secrets to Blogging Fame; a story about Julie Powell on (August 4th, 2009) August 25th, 2002. That is when Julie Powell... Continue Reading →

They’re just people.

How many aspiring writers watch a movie like Julie and Julia and are inspired to write and make your mark? Read the Harry Potter series and thought man, I'd give my left dangly part to come up with an idea for a series like this? Cried, laughed, got angry and wanted to touch people the... Continue Reading →

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