The Wally World For Movie Lovers

Has a commercial ever inspired a 7,500-mile round-trip adventure? The first Blockbuster ad in many years now has us traveling across mountainous snowy terrain in an RV in search of the last Blockbuster ever.

The Diplomat

Mid-day walks with our dog during COVID were a life saver because otherwise, we weren't allowed to be out. Crazy to think back. I caught this photo during those travels which ironically reminded me of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead.

Next Stop, The Last Blockbuster

Some people jet set to warm sands, crystal clear waters, & lounge poolside for their March breaks. Us? We venture off in search of the last Blockbuster. 2 parents, 3 teenagers, and 1 RV through partially wintery west coast USA. What could go wrong?

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