Icing Anxiety

In the continuing saga of anxiety versus hockey, 5 feet still separates my daughter Abby from the freedom that exists beyond the fire-breathing dragon that towers in the doorway between the arena hallway, and the mystic frozen battleground. No amount of talking, reasoning, advice, our own lived anxiety examples, whether from loved ones, strangers, coaches,... Continue Reading →

Fear is a bully

So Abby is trying hockey. Well, shes been on the ice once and spent 20 minutes on the bench because she didn't know what to do, was sick to her stomach with what I say was fear but she says was some 1 hour super bug the second tryout session, and peered onto the posessed... Continue Reading →

It’s not the end

It’s hard to believe that we are less than two weeks from the start of another school year. The summer always goes by with a blink of an eye desperately holding onto those late sunsets, warm overnight breezes, and spending more time outdoors than in. I am trying not to get too caught up and... Continue Reading →

Well, okay.

So my handsome new husband is making us become bloggers ... well, I suppose "making" us isn't actually true,  cause we are happy to be a part of all of Larry's endeavors. And to be honest,  I make the family participate in lots of crazy things too. From picking up garbage,  to sorting garbage  to... Continue Reading →

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