So we’ve established the how. Now, what?

Too. Many. Thoughts.

There are a million things I could write about. My brain never stops telling a story about something no matter what I am doing. Cutting the grass. Walking the dog. Lying in bed. Asleep sitting up in random places with drink in hand.

So why is it that every day since my last post, the wheels have turned but none of it seemed worthy of a personal blog post? Shouldn’t this space really be part journal, a dash of self -healing, a tablespoon of self-learning, a cup of exploration and a pound of freedom of thought?

I wanted to blog again desperately. I needed a space to write about things I wouldn’t address on any of the other sites I ‘manage’.  I use single parenthesis because those sites aren’t all that active but I do have plans for them – and a million other things. Squirrel. There isn’t enough time in the day.

I almost deleted this site two days in the other day. Useless I thought. Just concentrate on your family and stop doing a million things.

I could write about religion, politics, current news, relationships, divorce, parenting, community, coaching, art, sports, music, family, education, animals. By 46 you have ideally experienced many different things and as we enter the ‘elders’ stage of our lives, we have a thing or two to share with younger generations. Ideally older generations too as we should all be open to learn form one another.

So we established keeping it simple. Now the what? Is it just random? A somewhat daily journal because let’s be honest with ourselves, life is crazy with family, community, and work? Is there a topic? A goal? A dream?

So we haven’t established the what.

Random for the win.

For now.

Maybe we’ll at least start by sharing this space and being open to being thought foolish and stupid.





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