The S.S. Finno

Abby's First Fillet Tuesday was a bit overcast but overall another beautiful day. I was at the front office shortly after 9am to rent us a boat for the day and after a little assistance getting the 9.9 horsepower Yamaha engine started, we were off to explore Graham Lake Except for perhaps the centre of... Continue Reading →

Friends of the striped kind

Monday really was a perfect day. The nights have been clear here in this eastern Ontario paradise with no less than millions of stars poking through the trees.The days, well they've been equally as clear and where the night skies have been almost blue-black, the waking hours have been the purest of blue with not... Continue Reading →

A 9 hour tour

Baby stuffed shark do do do doo do do Its 6:30. The girls are off venturing. We just had steak, baked potatoes, caesar salad, and discussed periods; and not Baroque. Finny is chasing little bugs that are driving him bonkers. Tara's gone to the nicest park loo's I've ever seen. I'm just sitting here watching... Continue Reading →

It’s not the end

It’s hard to believe that we are less than two weeks from the start of another school year. The summer always goes by with a blink of an eye desperately holding onto those late sunsets, warm overnight breezes, and spending more time outdoors than in. I am trying not to get too caught up and... Continue Reading →

The Hammer in Hollywood

On the set of their their imagination Well, last night the girls went back to their moms for the week for the first time since we started this blog together. Although my wife and I had to work during the week, between the weekend and baseball three nights this week, and the fact that we... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Homes

Hi People's! I was just thinking, and for some random reason, I was thinking you could live in a bathroom. You could sleep in the bathtub and shower. You could go to the bathroom, you can brush your teeth, wash your hands, and get water from the tap. You can also put a mini fridge... Continue Reading →

Just hanging

(Friday Night) Hey humans. Or aliens. Whatever you are, its me again. Like I said in my title, my family and I are just hanging out. Its only the six of us. Abby, Hayleigh, Tara, Catherine, me and our crazy dog Finn. Hayleigh and I are blogging, Tara and Abby are playing "golf toss?" I... Continue Reading →

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