Just hanging

(Friday Night)

Hey humans. Or aliens. Whatever you are, its me again. Like I said in my title, my family and I are just hanging out.

Its only the six of us. Abby, Hayleigh, Tara, Catherine, me and our crazy dog Finn. Hayleigh and I are blogging, Tara and Abby are playing “golf toss?” I dont know what that is, but OK. Finn is, well, being Finn. Crazy and funny. Lastly, Catherine. Well, she is looking at our blog site right know.

I dont quite know what my dad is doing but he is inside probably being, well, my dad.

So most of us are sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. If you are not outside get off your butt and get outside but before you do, please finish reading this.

It is a beautiful night. The sun is just starting to set, the moon is already out, and the clouds are starting to turn pink. While the night is still young, I hope to light some tikki lights and have a little party. The trees are just covering the sun so it is not in our eyes, the hanging lights are on and our candles are lit. It is a Beautiful night.

As we listen to the music from Tara’s phone, we sit here on our new outdoor set and we are soaking up the fading moments of the lasting light. We are currently having a singing party to Five Seconds of Summer and having so much fun.

See you in my next post. Love you all

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  1. Sounds like a perfect night Emma.
    When we catch a glimpse of that beautiful fading sun as the night approaches, we too run outside and think about how many other people are staring up at that beautiful night sky😉❤️

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