It’s not the end

It’s hard to believe that we are less than two weeks from the start of another school year. The summer always goes by with a blink of an eye desperately holding onto those late sunsets, warm overnight breezes, and spending more time outdoors than in.

I am trying not to get too caught up and depressed in the ending of something because it’s really only the end of August. I’ve had to work most of the summer anyway so really other than the kiddos being back to school during the day instead of lounging in their bedrooms or on the couch, they are back to learning and interacting more frequently with their friends.

Septembers here have been nice as of late so although I know the sun is setting earlier and nights are cooler, I look forward to making the best of September and even October. For the annual Halloween event my wife and I hold, it was so warm on event day two years ago we were walking around in T-shirts.

So it isn’t the end, it’s just a slight change in routine.

Tonight is the end of the baseball season for 2 of my girls, with Hayleigh having at least one more select tournament after today whether permitting.

It can be a bit of a long season but it’s always a rewarding one for my entire family. Between games, practices, planning and tournaments, we spend a lot of time at the park and have found a wonderful community there. We played adult ball together until this year but with wedding planning and a shoulder that has been yelling at me, we opted out from Sunday’s at the park this summer.

Tonight is the consolation championship for the team I coach which is a battle for 3rd place. They played their hearts out all year and it’s been a privilege to be a part of their summers. We’ve been blessed with kids of all abilities and strengths which continues to be a big learning experience and a gift for me as their coach.

As a father, it’s been especially wonderful to have all three girls on the same team this year. Sure it’s meant a couple of less days at the park, but most of all it’s because it’s nice all being together and having fun as a family.

I’m proud of all three of our girls. They each bring something very different and important to the team and the lives of our family and the world around them. They are smart, creative, caring, compassionate, talented, and giving. I’m lucky to be their dad/step-dad.

Go Marlins. It’s your time to shine to end our 2019 season. As coach Arianna would say, ‘You got this.’

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