A 9 hour tour

Baby stuffed shark do do do doo do do

Its 6:30. The girls are off venturing. We just had steak, baked potatoes, caesar salad, and discussed periods; and not Baroque.

Finny is chasing little bugs that are driving him bonkers. Tara’s gone to the nicest park loo’s I’ve ever seen. I’m just sitting here watching the sun set in between the tent trailer awning and surrounding trees. Well I can’t see the sun but it’s ray’s are reaching around nature’s obstacles.

The girls are back. Emma is widdling. There is a fly pinging off my head. The other two are now in their tent. Tara. Finny and I have had the trailer to ourselves. I miss them but glad they are having fun being very independent in general at this park.

It’s been a near perfect couple of days so far. This place is truly paradise. I wish they had a better area for Finn to swim but otherwise for adults and kids, we havent been short of things to do although relaxing has been on the top of the list.

We didnt get here until around 7:30pm Thursday. So a 9.5 hour tour. It’s a 4.5 trip according to Google. We did hit a lot of traffic and my paddle barely found 100 kms/h even when I could.

My front tires swore at me a little. I noticed in Ajax that they were shredding on the tread a bit when we stopped for snacks and gas. I filled up before I picked the trailer up Friday morning.

I seen a sign for a Canadian Tire gas bar in Cobourg so we stopped so I could have someone check the tires. They felt they were wearing the same and suggested that all the stopping and starting, the trailer riding on a bit of a downward angle, and having front wheel drive might all be contributing to this wear. They suggested a store on Division that sold trailer hitrch and rooftop carrier parts for a part that could maybe help.

I met Norm at Action Car and Truck Accessories. He suggested turning the ball on the hitch around which would at least position the trailer so it tailgated us more on the level. I went to ask them about a sway/torsion bar but they require installation onto the trailer. Norm agreed to turn the ball on the hitch around for nothing but a hi to the folks at the Hamilton store. “Hi from Norm, Hamilton.”

It was no stops until Malloryville from there. I didnt think we were ever going to get here. I was asking if we were there yet.

It was around 11:30pm by the time we were truly set up. We faird well. The girls set up their tent themselves. I forgot the pegs but it wasnt windy. I bought a pack at the camp store and a second set of 6 at the Home Hardware in town yesterday in preparation for some not so nice weather coming our way Wednesday.

I’ve set up a tent in the dark before. A tent that was mine. Setting up a borrowed trailer proved to be about as much fun as a double hernia. I’ve had a single hlhernia. That sucked. How would one get out of bed with two? Yuck.

There was some snarling at one another and a bit more Saturday morning, but from there the relaxation of camping and being all set up and ready to just enjoy took over. Now we’ve been mostly comotoast (doesnt sound right but I’m taking a spell check holiday), since.

Saturday after the hangry snarling, we started off with some bacon and eggs and then the girls tried the beach. They have umbrellas and chairs and these bouncy castle type structures all enclosed on the three none-combed beach sides with a wraparound dock with boats, seadoos, paddle boats and things like three seater floaties I seen attached to seadoos out on the lake, tied to its well-maintained surface..

I took Finny for sort of a swim at the boat launch. Some kept their dogs on leash. That was a bit awkward. It was a small baot launch. I let him off. He jumped up on the deck. Little boy: ” that was my last piece (of bread).” He was fishing by himself. Poor kiddo.

I put Finn on a leash in search of a better spot. There wasnt really one but past the beach I did found a marshy area to let him off again. He met Daisy from Brockville. They wrestled and splash and had lots of fun. He started limping. I pulled out something small and sharp from his pad when we got back the trailer.

I get worried and hating everything when I worry. I was ready to go home. Seeing a dog with it’s back paw in the air while they are walking reminds me of our last dog Gracie, equals sad and worry. I went into town to buy a few things later on and bought him some low dose aspirin. That made him tired and relaxed and really sad looking.

It was afternoon today before Finn starting putting pressure on it. I can see it’s still sore but less and less. Phew. I’m having fun again and not as worried. Amimals. He chased a ball for a bit. Still limping but better spirits.

Saturday night was camp bingo at the beach pavilion. Tara and I took turns sitting with Finn on a lawn chair while the others gambled with the girls. I watched the guys playing some horseshoes which reminded me of my dad and his brothers when I was a kid. We laughed a lot playing Plinko and came close. but came home richer in our camp experience only which was just fine with us.

We finally had some marshmellows by the fire and I played some harmonica to what I had downloaded on Sporify on my cell phone. That involved the new Annie soundtrack. Not exactly camping music but it certainly brought back some amazing wedding memories from summers begginging.

It was a cool night and morning but an otherwise warm, sunny and beautiful day. We’ve played a lot of Bum (a card game we called arsehole in our high school cafeteria), and today I finally set the fishing rods up and we headed to the docks to tey our luck. Sorry. It’s called President. I think they cheat and changes all the rules.

Finny thought he would jump in the lake just as we stepped on the docks’ wraparound which is also a fishing spot lined with picnic tables. So before we had a line in the water. we had to fish the dog out first. The first of some 20 or 30 fish hit the first line before I had included my lawn chair. I eventually fixed a fourth rod and caught myself a somewhat cute baby catfish. I’ve never seen one before. He was soft and squishy and now one eyed. At least I think that was me. Poor guy. The girls set him free anyway with all the other sunfish we said hi too and watched swim in our bucket a bit before allowing them to swoosh back into Graham Lake.

I’m now typing this blog post. Its 7:30. Corey Hart’s Never Surrender is playing. I’m outside the washrooms finishing this post feeling like I’m at Breezy Point in mi-south New York State in 1985.

Its almost time for s’mores. I’ve typed this neverending story on my phone. My thumbs hurt. That reminds me. I’ve missed quite a few glucosamine pills. Havent noticed it much up hear. Hmmm…

Campfire’s crackling to a symphony of a million crickets dancing.

Aahhhhhhhh…..campfire stories and riddles.

Graham Lake

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