Friends of the striped kind

Monday really was a perfect day. The nights have been clear here in this eastern Ontario paradise with no less than millions of stars poking through the trees.The days, well they’ve been equally as clear and where the night skies have been almost blue-black, the waking hours have been the purest of blue with not a cloud in sight.It was warm and mostly quiet, with what seems like only a few families surviving the busy Sunday mass exit.

Although the park is still full of RV’s, awnings are up and campfires are few. Our area, which from our street back are all drive in RV and tent sites, is all but six of us.With the quiet comes more swim time for Finny without boats being launched and removed all day like they were Sunday. It also meant lots of umbrella and chair availability on the beach.Most notably though perhaps, is the presence of, with the six of us families being the only source of food for certain nocturnal seasonal members of the forests that line the park, little striped guests that are more than willing to get up close and personal.It’s not that I hadn’t noticed one or two throughout my evening travels over the weekend, but I hadn’t thought of them as raccoon-type visitors who make way with your leftovers.Well, we’d been good at taking our garbage to the dump or at least keeping it high in a tree, but Sunday night we had hung a low hanging garbage bag that made our home away from home, the main event for two or three striped cuties. Hayleigh was the first one to make introductions. We had set on making a mid-night walk around our site looking for a puffer when she noticed something was a foot.

I had stepped out shortly after I heard her coughing, to hit the washroom and noticed them chomping away as I stepped out of the trailer. I shined a light on them before tip-toeing in the opposite direction.Upon my return, after saying goodnight to two friends I had no intention to shoo away, I heard the girls all conversing in their tent. I heard them talking about a raccoon so I spend the trailer door to make sure they knew it was skunks, not a raccoon.

The night passed without a dose of au-du-la-pew, but our guests weren’t so gracious having left us quite a mess from their little tea party.

We laughed in the morning at our brush with stank, but otherwise enjoyed our visit with tent and raccoon. Our kids like to name things opposite or random things like the dandy long legs we caught was named swim suit and the slow walking bug, trailer. I may have the names wrong but close enough.

The kiddos did some skits by the campfire after a late tikki torch dinner at our picnic table kf Kraft Dinner and peanut butter on hotdogs.

I played a little more harmonica but the Bluetooth speaker wasn’t cooperating so we had an early night so we could get up early, rent a boat, and check out Graham lake. Let’s hope we have enough gas this year.

Oh, P.S…. free WiFi by the beach arcade. Thanks mom downloading movies for her wee ones. A glass of wine per download she laughed.

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