Hey Fans. Emma’s big debut.

Hey fans. I am Emma. Before we start our journey together, I want to tell you a little something about me.  First, I am the worst speller so if you see a mistake, tell me. Maybe it’s because when I was in kindergarten, I was in french immersion and we spelled in french. I am... Continue Reading →

Next steps – I’m Herald

More on the next steps for our family blog soon but for now, I thought I would share a quick sample blog post I put together for some instructions I have been writing to help the kids and my wife navigate WordPress. I had a little fun with it.    While I was putting instructions... Continue Reading →

Well, okay.

So my handsome new husband is making us become bloggers ... well, I suppose "making" us isn't actually true,  cause we are happy to be a part of all of Larry's endeavors. And to be honest,  I make the family participate in lots of crazy things too. From picking up garbage,  to sorting garbage  to... Continue Reading →

… family blogging.

We're getting hotter ... red hot. Boiling. We're on fire! I spent the weekend, well doing a lot of things as it was our Civic Holiday weekend here in Ontario but in the back of my mind, thinking a lot about the overarching theme of this blog. I decided early on that I didn't want... Continue Reading →

Mastering the art of …

Penguin. Scholastics. Harper Collins, or while on the subject, Little Brown and Company. Are they watching? How do they find us? Who among the 3.7 billion is our target audience? Who are the influencers and how do we reach them? Hello? Are you even listening? Is this thing on? If you use Twitter at all... Continue Reading →

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