What’s Next?

Social Education: So you hate your job?

And by ‘you’, I mean me. So what do you do? What are the steps you would or have taken to either find passion again in a job you have been at almost half of your life, or what is or has been your journey to new employment and perhaps even a completely different career?

Bonus points if you have little education and your wage more represents years of service, courses, and reading along the way, rather than a traditional diploma or degree.

Is it the job? The field? Life circumstances?

What if you have only applied for two internal jobs in soon to be 23 years, and you didn’t even get an interview for one? Interviews. Resumes. Scary!

Regardless of what you make, what do you have to really earn to afford a similar lifestyle without money replacing the stress of an unfulfilling role?

There will always be aspects of our jobs or days when for whatever reason, the love for your role is not there, but what is the line between a few bad days, and there aren’t enough vacation and sick days in a year to get me through the next 365?

What’s next?

You can follow along with the conversation on Facebook or preferably because Facebook doesn’t play nice, start your own thread below. I would love to hear your stories as I venture down my own path to now what, and for more people to learn from you as well.

You can also reach out to me at justwefamilyblog@gmail.com.

What’s Next? Part 2

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