Anxiety: A Marvel Escape

I am someone who struggles a lot with anxiety and depression. I find it hard to get through a day without having a panic attack or feeling like my life is a waste, but that all changed when I found Marvel. 

I’m a Bear!

Hey guys. I am sorry I haven't been doing a lot of blog posts lately. I meant to post one for Christmas but I forgot to. I have it typed out and ready to go but I didn't have any time for it to be posted.  I thought I would update you guys on what... Continue Reading →

Christmas and TWD

Hey guys and gals. I'm back and happy as ever.  As you may not know, I got a new computer for Christmas. We all just finished opening our Christmas presents and are all extremely happy with what we got.  I got, well, my computer. Abby got a new blue drum set, and Hayleigh got concert... Continue Reading →

Just hanging

(Friday Night) Hey humans. Or aliens. Whatever you are, its me again. Like I said in my title, my family and I are just hanging out. Its only the six of us. Abby, Hayleigh, Tara, Catherine, me and our crazy dog Finn. Hayleigh and I are blogging, Tara and Abby are playing "golf toss?" I... Continue Reading →

Hey Fans. Emma’s big debut.

Hey fans. I am Emma. Before we start our journey together, I want to tell you a little something about me.  First, I am the worst speller so if you see a mistake, tell me. Maybe it’s because when I was in kindergarten, I was in french immersion and we spelled in french. I am... Continue Reading →

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