Our Finny / D2

Since this guy steels the show almost every day anyway (wait that was my salami and swiss sammich), I thought we should give him his own profile too. He has a story after all and well, he’ll likely be part of many of our adventures.

Our last dog, Gracie, passed away suddenly May 4th 2018. We happened to be online looking at doggies a few weeks later, missing Gracie horribly, when we spotted these Lab Collie crosses similar to our fallen friend that were born on May 4th.

I should also mention that our family has had a tradition for many years, of seeing the new Star Wars movies at Christmas time. I actually just recently found out Tara uses this time to sleep in the most comfortable leather recliners in our refurbished and re-branded downtown theater, but we at least attend together.

These beautiful pups seemed a match made in heaven but at first there was only a waiting list. Did I mention these pups all had Star Wars names like R2, D2, Leia, Vader, Chewy, etc.

About a week after our first inquiry, we found out D2 had become available so we made the 2 hour trek to meet him and all of his adorable siblings. We fell immediately in love and when the time was right, we went to pick him up and he joined our animal loving family and has been terrorizing us with his craziness since.

He’s lucky he is cute.

Why Finnegan? Well, with keeping with the Star Wars theme, Finn (introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens), seemed like a cute name for our new friend.

Finnegan is also a beloved character in a Canadian childhood favorite, Mr. Dressup. He was our Mr. Rogers. Funny enough, we even met Finn’s Casey while camping this past summer. Another character from that 4,000 episode CBC series.

From L to R: Mr. Dressup (Ernie Coombs), Casey, and Finnegan.

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